How to Fold a Pocket Handkerchief.

In the first of our series on ‘How to Fold a Pocket Handkerchief’, we’re going to show you how to fold the perfect Mad Men-esque ‘pocket square’.

The pocket square’s popularity is on the up at the moment, largely thanks to television drama Mad Men. The idea is to show a flash of white just above the breast pocket, it’s a subtle style that can easily be worn in the office. The problem is that the handkerchief can often drop down into the pocket or ride up out of the pocket, watch this video to learn our tips on how to fold a pocket square:

The Pocket   Square:
–    Cut a thin cardboard template that matches the width of your pocket, but that sits quarter of an inch taller.
–    Fold your handkerchief in half.
–    Lay your template in the middle of your handkerchief, about half an inch from the top.
–    Fold the handkerchief neatly around the cardboard template.
–    Slot into breast pocket.

There you go, the perfect way to fold a pocket square!

You can watch our other video tutorials here.



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